Computers in science

You may be using a computer… I am using one right now. It is a marvel of engineering, I have to say that. However, I am not a computer fan… I started looking at a Commodore 64 when I was 7 and I was pretty impressed by it at that time… By age of 15 I tried all possible games and now I don’t have a single game on my computer… (although from time to time I may look at an old web game, but “from time to time” 2 minutes every 6 months or so…) I dislike computer games all in all, although I programmed my own game when I was 16 and bored to hell during a summer… it was something very simple, a few rules for the movement of some objects and some deformations and some gravity but more or less that was it… I completely gave up computer languages and programming immediately after high school and I have no intention to return (except if starving or begging)… Why am I saying this? Well, my experience with formal languages is that they are incomplete and ill defined. Say, I believe there may exist a value of truth associated to a fact that cannot be proved in a specific set of axioms… I also believe that in some cases this value is not obtainable in a finite number of trivial computations as done today on those “pseudo-turing-machines”… I really don’t care about the fact that a truth characteristic is not provable in a finite set of operations. This is a very relative concept. First, it is not clear at all that we perform the same “operations” that we code into computers… Ever had an idea? I doubt you can explain operationally how you had it. Of course, if you work in programming most of your ideas are representable with a finite number of operations but that is selection bias. I had lots of ideas that connected different areas of knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to represent in any finite way in the sense of operations etc. However, this is not the main aspect… What I want to say here is that I dislike computers and programming and I am not even remotely interested in having anything to do with that. I also think that we should start focusing more on analytic solutions (whatever analytic may mean in 1000 years from now) instead of performing numerical, finite, perturbative and inexact computer calculations. At least at the level of research of nature…


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