The Pyramidal effect…

I don’t hate string theorists… I don’t hate string theory either… How could I? I don’t hate aether theories just because they are wrong… String theorists remind me of some presentations made by a funny company working on a pyramidal scheme… The advertisers of that company were honest persons really believing that what they were doing was “honest marketing” and that referring to the “higher hierarchy” was also rather OK when being asked uncomfortable questions… Details were overlooked and well… all the stuff of dishonest marketing was done with the belief that “that’s the way things work” and it is perfectly ok and no problem arises… Of course this was not so and nothing was legal in the way they operated… nor was it moral, honest etc. but the people doing it on the lower ranks believed they were doing a decent and honorable job… String theory is the same… Many people working on it live in the illusion that what they do is honest science… that you can just impose restrictions on reality based on inconsistencies in your theory. That in principle you can send supersymmetric partners to arbitrary high energies and masses without having any problems at all… etc. while having this as the “permanent job”… This is as if you worked for a fraudulent company having a “permanent job”… you might be ignorant and used/abused but still you don’t really do anything relevant except tricking people… Don’t get me wrong: you have to learn multidimensional analysis, algebraic geometry, topology, etc. too in order to do decent QFTs… you need to work with infinite dimensional algebras, etc. So, the basics used in string theory are useful nevertheless… The problem is that string theory “per se” is wrong… while the amount of valid science it incorporates is of course valid and OK… so, if you learn flux compactification you will certainly know how to work with multidimensional calculus in a decent way, which is ok… so, the underlying structures have to be learned… while keeping in mind that string theory is a naive and rather silly generalization to “string” objects that doesn’t solve any problem at all, even worse, it complicates problems and yes, string theory is not correctly quantified nor (as far as I suspect) quantifiable using the current techniques… So, string theory is not a good theory of quantum gravity because 1. It is not good, 2. it is not really quantum and 3. it doesn’t really give any results related to gravity except its existence… which, if I am not wrong, was rather known since ancient times… 


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