String theory is wrong

Sure, my last post was rather long and dealt not explicitly with string theory but rather with AdS/CFT duality which is again wrong in the sense of being a true duality of nature between a naturally realized quantum field theory and some gravitational dual at low interactions. I should try to discuss why string theory is wrong per se and not through some conjectures that are in fact not really connected to string theory. Why, you can make AdS/CFT type dualities as automorphisms in gauge theories so of course AdS/CFT is not really connected to string theory, even from the way it was constructed it is not… While one may think this “saves” string theory, in fact it doesn’t. It does simply show that “constructions” made by string theorists wether related or not to string theory (always or sometimes, partially or totally) tend to be based on faulty thinking. But, I am going away from the red path… String theory is in fact a dimensional generalization. It is an attempt to describe and quantize objects which are not points. Physically they should not exist if it were not for a quantization prescription but then what exactly are you quantizing? One should however not think in this way: quantization is a prescription needed by out limited mind.. in reality nature is quantum mechanical and we simply don’t see it that way because we are too stupid or too fixed in a classical way of thinking… This might be true, I have nothing to object, it could happen to be the case… However, if that is the case then there should be a fully quantum description of strings in terms of any quantization prescription and a go and back map that may not be one to one but should always give the measured outcomes. Is this the case in string theory? Nope… Thing is, string theory has not one single theory in it compatible with reality. None whatsoever. It is not even sure the construction is quantum or that the quantization prescription is the same or should be the same let apart for the arbitrarily chosen prescriptions that lie all over string theory… 


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