Try it out!

It is true that trying new ideas out was during the history a great way of finding out new things. It still is, so, of course the best thing one can do while doing research is to try things out, true? 


while trying things out is ok this habit has been perverted by a set of indicators that are constructed to justify payment as a “researcher”… because of this the “trying out” procedure is nowadays over-abused… 

Let me show you a bit better what I mean: some centuries ago someone tried to throw solid balls into buckets of sand and see how deep they penetrate the sand as a function of their height and as a consequence final speed. They found out the penetration depends on the square of the terminal speed and not on the first power of it. Also, by testing what would happen with balls moving with little friction on an inclined plane someone derived the laws of dynamics… etc. Now, these are all interesting experiments performed by people that asked some questions to nature and (and this is the most important thing) THOUGHT about what might happen… Unfortunately due to the performance indicator system used today almost nobody designs any intelligent experiments. They are damn expensive, true… but intelligent? Not really… or at least all the questions asked to nature today by the experiments performed now have been asked during the last 50 years with more or less the same results… What certainly became better was the engineering science… but the knowledge about the nature of things remains largely unchanged. 

Experiments today do not ask fundamental questions, they simply ask the same questions in different ways. It’s like having to deal with retarded children… The justification of the work is in the amount of trials one performs and not in the smartness of the question one asks… with the billions invested in various experiments one may hope to get some answers about nature but in reality one gets nothing… and the “nothing” obtained is packed in the idea that “this is science”… 

So, trying things out just for the sake of trying things out and then, if something really “works” which in most of the time means you made a computer code that gives the same results, you publish it as if it was a discovery… Well, it is not! Trying things out just in the hope you’ll get by accident something meaningful is the worst method of “doing science” (if that can be called science). 

However, I can quote hundreds of papers and research done just following ideas that I, myself, can prove easily they don’t work… 


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