supersymmetry on the blog…

I just finished preparing my stake and while waiting for it to either become carbon or something really tasty I can talk a bit about supersymmetry around here… 

I appeared as an “enemy” of supersymmetry… well… this is not really so… I am however an enemy of whoever believes supersymmetry is the only possible solution to everything… It is just a mathematical detail and nothing more. It doesn’t have to be realized in nature and more likely than not it is not, considering some aspects that I understand now far better about algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. Put it this way, the way of thinking established in 1980’s is simply insufficient and not unique. It is based on several assumptions that do not rely on reality but rather on a limited way of looking at reality. You can say of course supersymmetry may exist in reality at who knows what energy and you may even be right… The thing is, the whole concept of symmetry as understood today has cracks in it because we simply fail to acknowledge what symmetry truly is… I learned my lesson not to give many details on a blog so I will simply criticize the system as usual without further proofs or ideas around. The main problem is that people fail to think independently and outside the “known path”. Whatever we know today about quantum gravity tells us that space-time is not even remotely what we thought of it when thinking at very small scale. Maybe it loses its meaning altogether as it now starts to emerge in a very vague way… applications to the current models of these ideas are bound to fail. As much as I may like the “amplituhedron” idea whenever it is brought into contact with real models it fails rather dramatically. 

This is another way of thinking so typical to nowadays reasoning: when something is not true it must be false etc. At its hearth however this may not be so. One may have the cake and eat it at the same time… 



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