models again

I was discussing about the idea of models as simplified constructions of our imagination that are assumed to have some sort of contact with reality. The study of models is probably the main activity nowadays for most of the theoretical physicists. This is so because models can produce practical results that can be published. In reality however what should count far more is not the set of models one is capable to study but the set of principles and ideas that can be proved of being laws of reality. This study, namely the study of the principles of reality and of the laws of reality is largely forgotten. Experiments are constructed such that they mimic a specific model and the results in general confirm that model or another. I am not referring here at the complexity of nature but at new possible outcomes and new possible laws. These appear from a generalizing mind that keeps into it all the details of reality and not of a constrained experiment or model. The closest to this came the formulation of the Holographic principle, the ER-EPR duality, the AdS/CFT duality and the mirror duality. All these, however are not fundamental principles of nature. They are fundamental principles of one or another model and are CONFIRMED to be violated by reality. They are, by all modern standards, WRONG when dealing with reality. One may say that Newton’s first law is also wrong when confronted to reality… in the end a body does not keep in reality almost never the same speed forever… Well, yes, but Newton is still right, because it is complexity that makes these law appear only seldom to our experience… it is indeed hard to find a place where friction is very low. About the holographic principle however the discussion is completely different. It is simply falsified in any circumstance by a type of objects that are ubiquitous. One cannot apply the idea of Newton about “generality” and say, yes, if you consider only the body and nothing else then the first law is a principle of nature… For holography, if you consider only the domain where one expects it to work one gets violations of it in very direct ways… so NO, the holographic principle is NOT a fundamental principle of reality… It is a fundamental principle of string theory and the fact that it is not “covered” by reality is a strong red flag against string theory…

As a conclusion: what we need are not models and the study of models. What we need is the study of reality and the discovery of real true and new principles of reality. Reality is above models…


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