Is Higgs right?

We all know about the interview of last year’s nobel prize winner P. Higgs and his observation about the current academic system. My opinion (out there) is that he is right! Current research is biased towards collaborations and this is not good. New ideas do not appear so often in the context of collaborations. Collaborations are about doing engineering work not about figuring out things or finding new ideas. These are individual properties and only individuals alone, in quiet rooms, on their own can figure them out. I definitely agree with everything Higgs said but then again, let me tell you: abuses are on both sides… abuses are the over-publication of meaningless “research” just for the sake of it but abuse is also not to do anything at all for decades pretending you need the money you are given just because you may “think”… how to avoid abuses? This is hard if not impossible. If there are high enough incentives to get a specific position it will be hard to do something to avoid people that are simply “fulfilling criteria”…


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