Beauty is in the eye of the observer…

Beauty is in the eyes of the observer… The smarter readers probably noticed that I am generally speaking here about very general concepts, sometimes using a more scientific language… I try however not to restrain myself by adhering too much to a language that is designed for final results and less for the process of thinking itself. This is why sometimes I just say strange phrases that I do not explain otherwise… So, beauty is in the eyes of the observer… We are humans and we have our own definitions of beauty, most of the time we are not even aware that we use some sort of definitions for that. We considered beautiful something that is generally not harmful to us but exceptions are common… Probably everyone will agree however that we call beauty something that has some sort of symmetry of which various measures are in certain proportions. But then, there is something strange: did you ever look at clouds? Aren’t they beautiful? I like clouds quite a lot, from a purely esthetical point of view. So, I ask myself, why? Are they symmetric? Well, not precisely… however, if I look careful at them (or, better said, in a relaxed way) I start seeing shapes that remind me of things that are quite symmetric: faces, animals, etc. Then I look again at the shapeless form of the cloud and everything vanishes. So, is there symmetry or not? Is that cloud beautiful? Is the symmetry that I detected a real property of the nature of the cloud or it just results from the way in which I choose to relate different parts of that cloud? This is repeated in many areas of physics. Some time ago people started believing that the fundament of nature is symmetry… from the octuple way to the standard model, symmetry governs practically every atempt to understand nature. However, most of the time the symmetry is not “exact” … actually it never is exact… There are several ways to discuss about the so called “symmetry breaking” and I know and understand all these ways of thinking… but then I start thinking at how am I capable of finding symmetric shapes in the clouds… and everything becomes clear… 


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