Probably the best reason why SUSY cannot be seen as a “symmetry of nature” is the lack of a Higgs superpartner. Such a partner should exist somewhere close to the current higgs but none has been found… it is certainly not at lower energies and it is excluded up to almost 1TeV (which is a lot, almost an order of magnitude… nothing to joke about). Of course one can argue there is a second higgs that is so close to the other one that was not yet observed independently. This is hard to believe again for several reasons (mainly experimental) and with no superpartner to the higgs particle susy looks more and more like what it is: a theoretical construction… I was laughing out loud about a remark of someone who said susy is “the only option nature has”… this is the highest level of nonsense to come from Harvard (or princeton) and of course is based on the utter lack of imagination of some people there…

Some time ago there were some nice discussions between Einstein and Bohr where the reaction of Bohr was “stop telling god what to do” … The statement about the “options of nature” is vastly exaggerated in the same way…


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