When you should have children?

Whenever you feel you have to give your name to something as insipid as (R^{p}-R_{E}^{p})/(r^{p}+r_{e}^{p}) you should definitely start thinking at giving your name to something or someone that can put it to better use…

I mean, how on earth would anyone want to call something that is by all definitions completely trivial and not worth mentioning with his name… it’s as if I would like to call the “Patrascu transformation” x->x+y … I don’t want to and I hope nobody will think at that but then, this transformation has the same level of triviality as the above one but may contain slightly more physical information in it.

If you really want to have your name attached to something just paint it on some walls…. Otherwise you just put people that never heard of that “variable” into trouble and when searching on Google they get no results whatsoever…


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