forgetful functor

did you notice that progress in physics is a forgetful functor? Since Newton discovered the calculus and constructed classical mechanics there was a steady progress: first they discovered fluid dynamics, chaos theory then special relativity, then quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, molecular physics, chemistry etc. The 20th century went pretty well but then, towards the end of the 20th century they started all over again: they discovered again quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity, etc. and now, in the 21th century what is the latest discovery one talks about everywhere? Why quantum mechanics of course… following this path I predict that after the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 we will start to develop quantum field theory originally developed around 1950’s and we will start discovering again the elementary particles of the 1960-1970 and with a bit of luck the weak bosons too and by 2020 we will finally discover some strange particle that is necessary in order to write the mass terms for the weak bosons and call it probably “the X-boson”… after these strange and new discoveries quantum mechanics will be again discovered by 2030 when finally “we” understand what happens with the double slit experiment. By 2040 some book-keepers will find out (in some old books) that Newton’s law are not really valid and “we” have to extend out transformations from one reference to the other such that the speed of light is constant and finally by 2050 “we” will discover a very interesting new thing: some rays emitted by decelerating electrons allow us to see our bones and who knows … what other mysteries we might discover (on the WWW of the future)


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