I don’t care about this or that molecule…

No, it is not me saying this… it was Einstein… and I wonder if one could consider this statement some sort of arrogance. I am sure it could be interpreted that way although I must admit I generally don’t care about “this or that molecule” either. Does that mean the study of molecules is not important? No, of course not! The study of molecules, atoms, nuclei and other well known systems is also important because it increases our technical abilities. It is just that some people don’t really care about technical abilities. I must say I am one of these people. I really couldn’t care less about the last generation of computers, smart-phones or the next tech gadget. I honestly don’t care at all about technology… wow, how can I say that when I use practically only apple devices (not really the cheapest ones, as one may notice)? Simple: because of laziness, lack of interest and utility expectations. I explain: what I want is for the damn thing to work, to be able to search on the web and eventually watch some movies and listen to music. I am not interested in programming these devices at a level more involved than writing on a blog. I am pretty ok about people finding the cure of cancer or inventing electrical cars. I do understand the passion behind that but it is simply not what I am interested in… my lack of interest goes far deeper… I am not interested in accelerator physics so I couldn’t care less about the technical details of CERN or how large a superconducting magnet they used. I see now that I was generally harsh making statements about this in the past and I was certainly not very compassionate to people that are interested in this kind of stuff… I think I should be sorry! I have no right to judge people’s passions but, oh, I do have the right to chose my own passions and they involve absolutely nothing technical. It’s not that I don’t like technology. I like to use it and accept the usefulness of people that develop it. I also admit some of these people are pretty smart and deserve all the best… however, as said before, I am not a “tech guy”. I was never interested to see how machines work. I had no interest whatsoever in all the electronic “build yourself” toys my parents used to buy me… However, I am interested in science… how that? Well, science is about understanding the principles of reality, the reason why nature behaves in a specific way and not last, the way our thinking should work in order to approach nature correctly. I might have been interested in nuclear physics back in the 1930 or in molecular physics in the 1700’s but now I guess I would be interested in other things. I am for example interested in symmetry and the way it can be understood or in the nature of complexity or how mathematical structure emerges in nature (if it does) and what precisely is inside a theory that we put in and what does nature put into it… this kind of questions sometimes keep me up during the night or make me think around while walking in parks. Certainly not the last electric engine in the Tesla car… I am not interested about how a human constructed a device. I am interested about how nature constructed its devices…


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