The art of physics

Is physics an art? Considering that the best ideas I get usually appear while walking in a park or talking aloud to myself in front of a wall-mirror on which I write equations I would rather say yes… Even now the wardrobe door-mirror in my room is full of strange diagrams and formulas (although now they are more related to topology than physics…) the question is a good one! Is physics an art? I see it as such but I am pretty sure many physicists would disagree. Why? Mainly because most of the physicists were trained in “doing physics” or were trained in thinking “like a physicist”. Both trainings are pointless. Of course you should ve trained to perform some standard tasks and use some analytic calculators etc. but how can you be trained to think “like a physicist”? Most of the people that truly developed some new ideas thought like themselves and not like some other physicist. Ideas are constructions of a free, un-grouoped and un-regimented mind and not the result of being trained how to think. 


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