Was Einstein Wrong?

Just to destroy any doubt the answer is NO! He was certainly not wrong and his way of thinking expanded and evolved in an absolutely amazing way. Not only was he not wrong but his theory is probably the best verified theory ever. However it is fashionable to write various articles in some newspapers around the world saying “Einstein was wrong”… Why? Certainly because you cannot say about people alive that they are wrong, or not that easy anyway, because they bite back! We all know the limits of general relativity and of special relativity as well as the limits of current high energy physics but where papers saying Einstein was wrong are pretty everywhere you hardly see something saying: Scientists in the 1990’s or in the 2000’s were completely wrong, they had no clue what they were talking about, had no new idea about the world around them etc. Why? Because although they shaped our current way of thinking (which is utterly incomplete) they remained pretty anonymous otherwise and it makes little fun to say that mr X was completely wrong… You can see now and then some reactions when the papers really scream about how wrong they are but even these don’t reach the public media as well as those saying that Einstein was wrong…


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