Is there a simple and direct way of thinking? That might be an interesting question. I am more and more interested in thinking about how one can think. In general there are incremental ideas, simple thoughts that are essentially related to other thoughts and so on. This forms the greater realm of “group thinking” and is to be avoided as much as possible. In this sense problems are more important than solutions although a balance between them is natural. Although one may not see it immediately knowledge advances through revolutions and not through simple adjustments of some ideas. It is often said that Einstein just enlarged the domain of Newton’s laws, or that Quantum mechanics just enlarged or improved classical physics but this is not so. Although any new idea must keep in some areas as some sort of special cases the reality as we see it, there might be much to reality that we do not see or to which we have no simple contact. In that case it is required to challenge and radically shift old patterns of thinking. Newtonian dynamics has very little to do with special or general relativity. It keeps some principles and brings some ideas together but the main body of relativity lies in simply trashing Newtonian dynamics and starting a new path. It may contain a special condition as Newtonian dynamics but the traditional way of thinking is turned upside down and failure of perception is for the first time introduced in the general way of thinking. This principle will become more general once one accepts the basics of quantum mechanics and one can go on and on with these ideas. In fact, at this moment we still are clueless about what is natural fact and what is imagination or the result of an abstract non-real formalism we use to describe nature. By this none of the assumptions of “generality” are to be accepted.


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