So, what we learned today is that uniqueness in physics is a very difficult concept. To prove that a method is unique is a hard thing and it was not done, never! Also to say that X and Y are not related is something pretty hard. Subjects may be related in ways most of the people never noticed. They may have skipped this aspect not because they are not smart enough (although this is the case in many situations) but because they just do not have the information that makes a connection clearer. So, do not forget what Feynman said: To have a correct description of something you should have at least 10 different ways of describing that something! Uniqueness claims for a theory or another are in general nonsense or egomaniacal outbursts of this or that person. Claims that the “final answer” and “the theory of everything” are within reach are in general nonsense and should be avoided. There are very nice string theorists out there and I was in contact with a few of them. None of them was obsessed by string theory and considered it a “theory of whatever”… Some socio-cultural and political aspects have changed this situation in some places but there are quite some people that understand what is right and what is wrong with string theory. You can like ideas behind string theory. I do like some ideas there too but I will criticize whenever absolutist claims regarding some opinions are being made!


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