The perimetric way of thinking

One special way of thinking one can go on is the perimetric one. As for any perimeter, it is a closed way, i.e. following it for too long brings you where you started. This way of thinking is what I call the “perimetric way”. Except the fact that it brings you to the same place it has some other features that can help you identify it when you see it in a research article. The main idea is to see what happens if nature were not to be as it is. Otherwise stated it is the Wittgensteinian question “why did people think the sun turns around the earth? Why, because it looks as if it does so. Then how should it have had to look if it were to look the other way around?”. Of course, this way of thinking has many roundabaouts of this type. The perimetric way of thinking asks itself how the world would have looked like if… and here it comes: if the graviton were a spin 7/2 particle, if the gravitational waves were not existing, if the space were 0 dimensional, if c were not a constant of nature, if the electron were not point-like, if space-time were not minkovski (which usually it is not) and so on. The general answer to these questions is : “bad” … yep, the universe would be in a very bad shape if these things were not so. There is another good reason to call this way “perimetric”: it always keeps a decent distance from the core of the problem while still being able to generate publications. I will not show here the desastrous shape of the universe if for example special relativity were wrong. I do not even show why quantum mechanics has to be right. I just show a way of thinking that is relatively common and simple to go on. Whenever you want to publish something just assume some thing you learned during the first year is wrong. You can certainly persuade someone to pay you for this research and you may improve the technological abilities : new experiments, new space-probes, etc. So, don’t be shy… it’s just about some new “perimetric” innovative ideas… 


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