ways of thinking

It is sometimes argued that professors should form student’s ways of thinking. Is that true? With what authority? I do not see an obvious way to teach something and avoid creating some patterns of thinking that emerge in some sort of group thinking in the end. What indeed happens is that nature, the only “thing” that could impose a way of thinking doesn’t do it! Remember what Feynman said? Approximately he said that if there is one theory describing some facts there will be almost certainly other 10 theories describing the same facts. Nature gives us free choices of the way to represent it and this gives us in turn quite some power but apparently, some have the impression that it would be desirable to have one very restrictive theory that describes everything. This seems impossible because this is the way nature is. Nature doesn’t force us to use neither a specific gauge in our description, nor a specific set of fields, observables, a specific string theory or by that mean any means of knowledge that this or that physicist claims it is unique (without any proof)


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