being a Crackpot…

There was a story I heard about a poor farmer that finally managed to earn enough money to afford a trip to the Zoo… there he saw a Giraffe for the first time in his life. He looked carefully at the animal and after finally observing all the details of its form, shape, etc. he concluded: “This animal doesn’t exist!”

Now, any behavior that can be mapped into the above example is for me Crack-pottery. Even when I speak about the presence of an absence, the negation of what reality and nature presents to us for the sake of someone’s beliefs is crack-pottery and will be treated as such. Also ideas that disregard knowledge verified by experimental data and tends to invent objects that are more or less consistent (call it amplituhedrons or unicorns) will be treated as such… (some caveat for the amplituhedron which is a sort of desperate try to give a geometric interpretation to some objects, using some patterns of thinking that are obsolete for at least 30 years by now).

Considering this, all ideas are free and can be expressed, all challenge is considered but not necessarily accepted and well… as Feynman put it: if your theory disagrees with experiment then it is wrong, no matter how smart you are, no matter how beautiful your theory is, it is WRONG!


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