“difficult” string theory…

It is often argued string theory is “difficult”… well, it is not! I can tell you for sure that at its fundaments it is easy and the calculations you need to be able to perform in order to do most of the advanced stuff (compactification, fluxes, string dynamics, etc.) are relatively simple. It may be well known in mathematics that not the mere technicalities of going from a formula to the next are relevant but the constructions themselves, the way they behave logically etc. String theory is a low level application of algebraic topology to some specific set of objects. The operations are so simple one can learn them, if properly studied in less than a year. What the problem is, is that physicists teach string theory from a rather tricky perspective. In essence they ignore logical details in order to push forward calculability. In the case of string theory they forget about the goal of calculability and just perform some calculations. They completely ignore physical or mathematical background and logic just for the sake of writing all in all extremely predictable papers with generally no new information in them…


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