Savage Physics

It is said that Pauli had the habit of standing up during conferences and tell the speakers how completely wrong they were. (Falsch!) In some cases this may still happen but most of the time you just see people that think that in a few minutes it will be their turn and they won’t want to be “disturbed” by questions either, and, anyway, people are there because they want some food, something to drink and eventually some possible collaborations and certainly not to discuss about nature, physics or reality! This should change!

Fundaments are not challenged anymore, ideas are not discussed, only dull projects, some impossible approximations and absolutely no real physics… so, what can one do? Well… write a blog of course… one where everything can be criticized as long as the critique makes sense and is logically consistent. Also, no cruelty will be spared against theories contradicted by experiments or unable to give at least in principle any verifiable predictions! (Nicht einmal falsch!)


One thought on “Savage Physics

  1. Ok, this is a new blog, dealing with Physics in a way an institutionalized physicist won’t want it to be presented. I will judge, misjudge, over-judge, discriminate and criticize anything I think it deserves it! As long as I can spare some time for this blog I will comment on physics as it should be and physics as it is done by groups interested in anything else except physics. It will be dirty, it will be ugly! So, not for the fainthearted!

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